It couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual

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When I first began writing, back in the late 1980s, opportunities to get one’s work into print came down to two scant possibilities: write really, really well, or start your own magazine.  Of course, as a preacher, I had a ready made audience, comprised of those chosen few who actually read the weekly article I so carefully articulated in the bulletin.  The greater part of the saintly congregants flipped right past the front page on the way to finding out how much the next youth trip to Six Flags was going to take out of their wallet.  In recent years, however, the onslaught of online blogging and self-publishing has changed all that.  Here is a quick list of deserving individuals who are now finding their voice:

3. Outcasts and weirdoes – people who are so odd their own folks won’t invite them to dinner, but with the click…

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