Who are you Reading this weekend?

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of “Who are you reading this weekend?”


“Yes, I said ‘who’ instead of ‘what’, and there is a very good reason for that.  Most people have a favorite author, favorite genre, even a favorite sub-genre (vampires anyone?), but there are times when we all need a change-up.  Maybe a friend/child/student/sibling/guythatsitsinthenextboothatthecoffeeshop was reading something that you thought looked interesting.  Maybe a commercial or bookstore display steered you to a new release, or perhaps a particularly striking cover pulled you in. OR, maybe you just read the same books by the same few authors over and over again.

Whatever the reason, here we are discussing who you have on the nightstand. As an author in the young adult genre, I like to try keeping up with the new books, particularly in the fantasy section, (my favorite subset and the shelf upon which my dragons reside at the local book shop).  This week, I happen to have two books to read that are the firsts in their respective series and both of which are new titles and authors for me, but not necessarily to the community at large (I’m a little behind!)  I have Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and The Looking Glass Wars By Frank Beddor just waiting on me to get my act together, stop goofing around, and get down to business!  I will do my best to get those read, get reviews together, and blog about them soon.

So back to the point, Who IS it that you are reading this weekend? Maybe it’s an old Dr. Seuss favorite? Perhaps a non-fiction research or some Biblical studies from Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree (he’s giving away free Kindle/computer download books all September long!).  Or, hopefully, the fabulous new Stone Dragon Saga series by that incorrigible and entertaining authoress, Elizabeth S. Tyree, the first two books of which are currently available through Amazon.com and Kindle (don’t you just love those shameless plugs!).


Tell me what book, what AUTHOR, is on your table for the weekend.  Spark a discussion! Don’t just let me do all of the babbling here, because I will just keep going if I have to! Let me know books you would love to see reviewed, books you just love, or books you thought looked interesting the last time you walked through the grocery store check-out.  I am eager to hear from you about your reading habits, and change ups. For now though, I’ll be quiet and let you start talking.  Have a blessed weekend!

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