A Partial Review

I have a confession to make…I did not finish reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last weekend (or this week for that matter).   Between preparing to take my online craft business to a real world show next week, and playing with my sweet monkey girl, I have actually only finished the first 165 pages (out of 615).

So far I can only tell you that the storyline, plot twists, and characters are all well done up until this point. I actually feel like this is one of the most well written young adult novels that I’ve read of its genre since J.K. Rowling introduced us to the world of Hogwarts.  In fact, though there have been a few of the series books to become movies, I am actually looking forward to seeing how these characters translate to the big screen almost as much I looked forward to seeing the Weasley twins on the big screen…if you were around me at that point, you would now be spitting your coffee from the mug and staring at the screen in amazement while quickly calculating the safest distance.

At this point I feel that I must also make a quick statement on the other two, highly popular, recent Young Adult Fantasy/Sci Fi book series that became movies.  While I do enjoy watching the Twilight series AND the Hunger Games, and I have read them all at least twice, I was sadly disappointed in the lack of development for the characters and, to some extent, even the storyline within these series.  It is as if they had a wonderful idea for plotline, came up with some characters to move it along, but weren’t sure how to translate that.  As I often have that issue, I completely understand how that could happen.  However, I feel it could have been tweaked a little more.  Many, many, other people have different opinions on the matter and that is all I have to say on it at this time. (You should hear my Romeo and Juliet rant!)

Please feel free to leave me comments with opinions, questions, random comments, or suggestions for other books to read.  I look forward to hearing from you! (also, please do not be offended if you love the books I just degraded…they are good for what they are, I didn’t find them as fascinating in their actual printed form as so many others did).

2 thoughts on “A Partial Review

  1. I really enjoyed reading City of Bones to. I thought that the world building was really well done, and on the whole, I liked the characters too. I think the series has a lot of potential, so I’m looking forward to reading City of Ashes. I’ll be interested to see what you think at the end of the book about the characters and the plot twists.

    For the movie, I really wouldn’t get your hopes up to much. The book is really lost in translation. There is a real lack of explanation about anything and there are some really cheesy moments that they added.


    • I often separate myself from the books when I watch the movies, otherwise I would never have been able to make it through Harry Potter (I love those!).
      I was afraid that the density of the story in this one would cause its movie malfunction so I appreciate the heads up!

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