My ‘side’ work

My ‘side’ work

This is the link to my Facebook page for Whimsical Design, the ‘store’ of handmade items that I create and occasionally sell. 

I was supposed to be taking my inventory to a car show this weekend.  I have almost everything boxed, crated, and ready to head down the road…the only problem is that there are all outside booths, no cover, and somewhere between 60% and 100% chances of rain over the show throughout the day (as in…they WILL have rain, it just depends on what time of day you get there as to whether or not you get wet.)

When asked, the woman in charge said “If people think that their wares will be injured or ruined, they can feel free not to come set up.”

SOOO…I’m not.  Everything I have is yarn or fabric, the rain will not do me any favors. 

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