The Pants Propensity and other things my toddler has already taught me.

When a child is born there are certain things that one looks for.  Not just that the baby is healthy, but there is an immediate search of separate body parts so that well-meaning family and friends may look at the mother and child and say things like, “he has your nose, she is going to have your eyes, or look at all that hair, she must get that from grandpa!”  However, there are some things that you, or more precisely, I never think of when seeing a newborn.  I know that when my daughter was born I was anxious, as a single mother, to see if she looked like me (she does, thank the good Lord!), but I never once thought of the possibility that she might inherit my behind. 

Yup, I said it, my booty.  That poor child has become the next generation in my family to have to deal with a backside that will not allow pants to stay in their proper alignment.  I now spend my days attempting to keep her diaper and pants yanked around to where they go, at times having to straighten both her pants and my own as we depart from a car and look distinctively sideways.  She’s peed on me and my mother at church because of this pants propensity, so now I know to think of this as my friends post their happy newborn pictures…(poor kid, he’s so cute. I hope he doesn’t inherit that big thing!)

More important than the pants propensity, is the graceful goal.  This refers to how apt one is to fall with the baby (in the 1 year she’s been alive, I’ve fallen with her three times…but I haven’t Dropped her, broken her, made her bleed, or concussed her so I WIN!).  I am, sadly, a natural klutz.  I am quite capable of falling over that speck of lint floating through the breeze, and probably snap, crackle, and pop in the process. Monkey is just beginning to walk and so far she isn’t exhibiting the signs of extreme klutziness…but she is teaching me to laugh through it all and just deal with it, instead of whining for ten minutes about how embarrassed I am.

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, the nap time theory is now a fact…NAP TIME IS IMPORTANT! Naps for her, naps for me, naps for the dogs, everyone needs their nap time around here! Forget staying up all night, sleeping three hours, and going again, I am no longer a college kid ‘wild band geek’, watching movies all night with my buds…monkeys go to bed around ten.


How have the children around you changed your thinking? Until next time, Have a Blessed Day!

Who are you Reading this weekend?

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of “Who are you reading this weekend?”


“Yes, I said ‘who’ instead of ‘what’, and there is a very good reason for that.  Most people have a favorite author, favorite genre, even a favorite sub-genre (vampires anyone?), but there are times when we all need a change-up.  Maybe a friend/child/student/sibling/guythatsitsinthenextboothatthecoffeeshop was reading something that you thought looked interesting.  Maybe a commercial or bookstore display steered you to a new release, or perhaps a particularly striking cover pulled you in. OR, maybe you just read the same books by the same few authors over and over again.

Whatever the reason, here we are discussing who you have on the nightstand. As an author in the young adult genre, I like to try keeping up with the new books, particularly in the fantasy section, (my favorite subset and the shelf upon which my dragons reside at the local book shop).  This week, I happen to have two books to read that are the firsts in their respective series and both of which are new titles and authors for me, but not necessarily to the community at large (I’m a little behind!)  I have Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and The Looking Glass Wars By Frank Beddor just waiting on me to get my act together, stop goofing around, and get down to business!  I will do my best to get those read, get reviews together, and blog about them soon.

So back to the point, Who IS it that you are reading this weekend? Maybe it’s an old Dr. Seuss favorite? Perhaps a non-fiction research or some Biblical studies from Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree (he’s giving away free Kindle/computer download books all September long!).  Or, hopefully, the fabulous new Stone Dragon Saga series by that incorrigible and entertaining authoress, Elizabeth S. Tyree, the first two books of which are currently available through and Kindle (don’t you just love those shameless plugs!).


Tell me what book, what AUTHOR, is on your table for the weekend.  Spark a discussion! Don’t just let me do all of the babbling here, because I will just keep going if I have to! Let me know books you would love to see reviewed, books you just love, or books you thought looked interesting the last time you walked through the grocery store check-out.  I am eager to hear from you about your reading habits, and change ups. For now though, I’ll be quiet and let you start talking.  Have a blessed weekend!

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual

Dr. Tyree has now started his own blog (hey look, I’m a trendsetter!!). Check out his works, words, and wonderings right here! And don’t forget to like our pages, both here and on facebook ( so you don’t miss out on any of our blabberings!



When I first began writing, back in the late 1980s, opportunities to get one’s work into print came down to two scant possibilities: write really, really well, or start your own magazine.  Of course, as a preacher, I had a ready made audience, comprised of those chosen few who actually read the weekly article I so carefully articulated in the bulletin.  The greater part of the saintly congregants flipped right past the front page on the way to finding out how much the next youth trip to Six Flags was going to take out of their wallet.  In recent years, however, the onslaught of online blogging and self-publishing has changed all that.  Here is a quick list of deserving individuals who are now finding their voice:

3. Outcasts and weirdoes – people who are so odd their own folks won’t invite them to dinner, but with the click…

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Dragon on My Neck

Dragon on My Neck

The story of a very small dragon, a very crazy queen, and the series of events that threw both of their families into our world, as statues.

The first in my Stone Dragon Saga, Dragon on My Neck explores the beginnings of Aliphonsore’s misadventures as he, the only fairy dragon in existence, becomes an enslaved pet necklace for an insane fairy.  His struggles, his family’s valor, his new friends, and a hint or two of magic will have pull you in.  So please, come on in.  It’s time for a story…


Early on Pentecost morning, the number of believers in that small band of outcasts barely broke the century mark.  Luke, the author of the New Testament book of Acts, places the count at 120, mostly from the region around the Sea of Galilee.  By the end of the day, their company would expand to include Jewish pilgrims from over a dozen regions of the Empire and their numbers would exceed 3000.  In this volume, we ask the question, “Why?”

Dr. Tyree is a minister for the Churches of Christ and enjoys writing Biblical Studies in his spare time. Straight from scripture, these books allow anyone to research and understand better certain verses and stories without the added baggage that comes from religious specifications. This particular book is currently free on Kindle through midnight on Friday, September the 13th. Dr. Tyree is also giving away his other kindle books throughout the month.

Please look to for more information on his (and my!) giveaways, new books, and interesting tid-bits.

To Do LIsts – an article in a blog

Image To do lists are meant to keep us on track and to remind of the tasks that have been set before us on any given day. I hate to do lists.  To be fair, I mostly only despise to do lists because I get distracted from the things I NEED to do by the things that I WANT to do.  In fact, I’ve started adding the things that I enjoy doing to the lists so that I feel accomplished at the end of the day.  As you can see, write a blog on to do lists is my number one item on today’s to do list!

The point of all that is this, whether you love to make and follow through on the lists (I have a friend who delights in minutely itemizing and creating to do lists of epic proportions…one day her list had 213 items on it) or loath them (ahem – ME! ME!) a to do list can help you organize your life if you STICK TO IT! 

Here are a few simple things that I have found help me in writing, and sticking to, my to do lists:

1) Itemization – While I don’t think that it is completely necessary to minutely list every move you must make (just write, Fold Laundry, not Fold socks, fold underpants, fold shirts…etc) I do believe that basic itemizing can help you to follow through, especially if the task at hand seems to be very large and unmanageable.

If you are like me, all manner of cleaning gets left until the last possible moment before you begin to work on it.  Laundry piles up all week and seems like enough to dress a small country, toys and craft items are strewn throughout the house and you can’t find the boxes they go in, and cups litter the side tables (ok, so my house isn’t nearly that bad, I do pick up every day, but the imagery here is EXACTLY how I feel every time I start!).  In order to keep myself on track, I write lists like you see above: Laundry – Wash, Dry, Fold/Hang, Put AWAY (the last one is the important part here!). I do dishes the same way.  Toys, help the baby put them up…dig the balls out from under the couch, etc. I have found that if you make the simple list of steps, it suddenly seems easier to follow through with the process.

2) Keep your To-Do list short and sweet.  While I am amazed and proud of those who can write a 200 item to do list and finish it on schedule, I cannot.  I can, however, write a 7 item list and work through it during my day.  I realize that those seven items won’t get my entire house sparkling in one day, but if you have a rotating list of absolute to dos for each week, everything should stay well taken care of.  For example: I try to do my laundry once a week, usually on a Monday or Tuesday, so those days have laundry listed. Add dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning one  bathroom to that day, then do the other bathroom, toy duty, and the baby’s room the next, etc. Once you have a routine, the house will stay picked up and you will have more time to go run through the sprinklers with your kids!

3) INCLUDE FUN THINGS! – No matter how long you decide to make your to-do list please remember to include a fun thing or two.  Take a break from scrubbing the floors and wringing out the gym clothes to watch your favorite television show, take a walk around the local park or lake, play a game, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Those little entries on the list serve to remind you that some things need done just because you want to do them, and the happier you are, the easier it is to wash that bowl.

4) Finally, if you have children, nieces or nephews, or even particularly intelligent pets, include them in your cleaning plans.  My toddler likes to help vacuum.  She will walk around the room and point out places that I need to run over.  This causes her to squeal and laugh in the wonderful deep belly laugh of hers.  Sometimes she even remembers to move her stuffed animals out of the way before they become monkey meat for the machine!  If awake while I, or her grandmother (she and live with my parents) do dishes, she sits in her high chair and plays splashes in water that we put on the tray with a little bit of her ‘no more tears’ soap.  She gets to splash, make suds, wash her plastic toys, and help us clean the kitchen! She love it, and it gets her high chair pretty clean too! My dog, on the other hand, hides under the bed and won’t help us do anything unless we have a new toy for him…then he grabs it and puts it away with the rest of the mangled crew in the corner.

So there you have it, a long blorticle on writing more effective to do lists.  I hope that I have helped you somehow, or even just made you smile! Have a blessed day.

A (not-so) Quick Introduction

Welcome to a little piece of my mind! I am an author, crafter, musician, and mother to a wonderful toddler.  How, you may ask, do you have time to blog, write, craft, play your flute, and watch a toddler?  The answer is, of course, that I don’t sleep!  I’m kidding, mostly.  But there are several days in which I won’t accomplish anything except having a dance party to Veggie Tales Silly Songs and Disney greats…and that is perfectly wonderful! However, on the days that my life has some semblance of order and the minuscule monkey decides to nap, I delight in my other ventures.

First and foremost, I write.  I am currently ‘re-writing’ the third book in my Stone Dragon Saga (the first two are already available on and for Kindle download).  I do mean RE-WRITING! When I went back to go through the final editing process for Dragon on the Green, my computer had decided that I only needed to have the first 1/4 of my work.  I was not amused and was even more upset when I lost the argument and had to start the re-write…technology is taking over the world!  However, I am even more pleased with this new take on the book than I was with the original manuscript; just please don’t tell my word processor!


Secondly, I have begun a tiny home business out of my crafts.  I love working on my crochet, hair bows, mixed-medium designs, and jewelry, so taking Whimsical Design by ESTyree and opening it to people outside of my family is a very exciting thing for me (and I can crochet while the baby play with her loud and obnoxious mega blocks piano that her favorite uncle just HAD to give her for her birthday!)  Though I only have WD on Facebook at the moment, I am hoping to use local craft fairs to raise capitol and expand to sometime soon.  Until then, feel free to look me up on FB!

As for music, I play my flute for the baby when she lets me and, I sadly must admit to occasionally plopping down next to Monkey and playing that horribly adorable piano (blast you big brother!)

NO matter what, my daughter permeates every aspect of my life. (Including this introduction post to my new blog! Imagine that).  I was able to complete the first manuscript for book 3 while on bed rest waiting for her arrival, I was able to start Whimsical Design because I’m staying home with her, and I’m constantly able to recharge and get Whimsical because of allowing myself to just be silly with her. If you don’t have a child to play with, find a friend with kids and ask to join the next dance/pajama/bubble/dress up/tea party.  Babysit and take the kids to the store while you are ALL dressed as princess ninja warriors and enjoy every minute of it!

Thank you for checking this out! I hope that you will come back for another taste of the Whimsical Life soon.  Have a Blessed and Whimsy filled Day!