To Ink or Not To Ink

I was recently checking my profile on a popular social networking site when I noticed a post from my long-time friend, bemoaning her lack of fundage because she desperately ‘needed’ INK.  No, she does not have one of those fabulous old feather quill pens that required the use of an ink well (though that would be AWESOME!).  My friend adamantly feels the need for more tattoos.

As you may well be able to imagine, this sparked a slew of responses ranging from why(?), to what and where.  Then there comes THAT GUY.  You know the one that I’m taking about.  The one person who has such a set opinion on every matter that they have to tell you the ‘right answer’ no matter how you feel on the matter.  In this case, he opposes tattoos and even though my girlfriend has a few of her own already, his response was of course to ‘Don’t do it!  You’ll thank me later when they’re way out of style and everyone is stuck with them for life”.  He even likened tattoos to a previous generation’s disco clothing, which would be embarrassing for them to still be wearing today.



Style, LIFEstyle, FAD, Accessory: All of these words were batted around in an argument that is, obviously, a very personal one to most who become involved in it.  At one point tattoos as a lifestyle was so vehemently denied that the gentleman in question actually used anti-war protesters as an example of an actual LIEFESTYLE. (Which is where I came in…)

Here is my opinion, because honestly, how much more can I quote without just copying the entire transcript?

I have two tats and would eventually like at least one more.  They are discreetly placed and very personal to me, which is what I believe that a tattoo should be.  If you just get a smiley face on your finger or love on your ear in order to emulate your favorite celebrity, then I certainly do not envy you the upcoming pity party that you’ll be throwing for yourself in a few years.  However, if you get a ‘popularized’ tattoo like an owl and dream catcher because you’re part native whatever and Aunt Birdy told a tribal story that helped to change your life then WOOHOO, GO YOU! 

“Yes, some people have gotten tattooed because it has become popularized and almost mainstream in today’s culture. However, unless you are one of these “followers” who got tatted to match their favorite pop star, then your tattoos are a LIFE choice which should reflect your LifeStyle and/or your family’s lifestyle.”

The key here is in finding the deeper connection in order to create something you will love for a lifetime, and longer. 

Remember that the ink is forever.  Ancient mummies are still proudly displaying their tattoos even to this day.  (Isn’t that a lovely thought, HA)

Until next time, Love each other, Love your INK, and have a Blessed Week.



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