Spell Check can be WRONG

Sometimes, spell check is WRONG!!

Have you ever noticed that you can be bopping along, just minding your own business as your fingers fly across the keyboard and then suddenly…a red line underneath your heroin’s name, which is clearly NOT miss spelled.  Then a blue line, they don’t want you to separate those two words for emphasis. OR the punctuation suddenly changes on you for no good reason whatsoever. Yes, sometimes spell check can be dead wrong!

I know that for a first draft, just getting the words out while the muse is inspiring you is the really important thing…but when I’m typing and all of the sudden my computer forgets that those names are ALL for characters I’ve been writing about for the past four years, and therefore have saved to the program, it gets a little frustrating. Do you have times like this, when your story is interrupted by nasty colored lines and a snarky programmed paperclip? Just remember, you CAN ignore them!


Until next time: May the lines always be hidden, and your names always spelled to your liking! Have a Blessed Day!


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