When Inspiration Hits:


You sit down in your favorite spot, hot tea, pen, and pad at the ready, or with fingers poised over a waiting keyboard, AAAANNNNDDD…Nothing.  An hour passes, you’ve refilled your drink twice, had a snack, checked your three different email accounts, and written the same sentence fourteen and a half times.  Giving up, you decide that it isn’t going to happen today and wander off with disappointment. Later, as you change the baby’s dirty diaper or are elbow deep in soapy water, BA-BAM! Inspirations hits with vengeance and the entire novel/article/blog/etc. blossoms in your mind as well planned as an English garden; but wait, no pen and paper can be found.  NOW WHAT???!?!?!?  


Frustrated and frazzled you race to finish the task at hand in order to get back to writing before this amazing clarity fades. Alas! By the time you get there you are once again back to re-writing that same sentence.

So, are you supposed to just jump and run from the room, leaving a naked and confused tot or a sink full of soapy shards in your wake?  Probably not. My suggestion, then, is a simple one. Hire a stenographer to follow you around, waiting for inspiration to hit. Since you have to pay them whether or not that stroke of genius strikes, make sure to get detailed lists for groceries, birthday and Christmas presents, and anything else you might want to have listed out for convenience!


Or, you can do what I did; become addicted to colored pens and journals, make a habit of carrying paper and pen EVERYWHERE, keep a notepad and pen in each room, carry a recorder for those times when you can’t write it out (like when driving, apparently jotting down ideas while driving is frowned upon, who knew?), and then STILL get struck by your muse while in the only place and/or time where you don’t even have your cell phone available to sneak a quick shorthand text to yourself.

So, unless you have an eidetic memory, or the ability to ignore everyone and everything while repeating the story to yourself frantically as you hurriedly drop the world and scribble it out on napkins, you are now right back to that same exact sentence yet again.  The good news is that by now, that is one DOOZY of a sentence and maybe, just maybe, that sentence can help you to coax back out that splash of inspiration you stumbled into earlier.


Until next time, Have a Blessed Day and may your words, much like your inspiration, flow freely.

2 thoughts on “When Inspiration Hits:

  1. Thank you so much for your input on my page. I now have a place to contact you easier.
    Your page has inspired me! I have to start using my laptop for anything, and then switch to writing. Works for me when I do it! Lol.
    I have to get a pic up….can you tell I am still new to this? Learning….
    May you also have a Blessed Day and may your words, much like your inspiration, flow freely. I love this sign off you use! Have to work on mine…
    Thanks again,
    Susan Wilson

    • Every day you work at it is a day you learn something! You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear that I’ve inspired someone!
      I almost always write by hand before I move to my laptop but anyway you can get the words flowing is the right way!
      As for sign offs…well I don’t know many who use them, but I wanted to keep a cohesion in my work, even if some of the posts are completely off the wall and different!

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