FINISHED! Just in time to begin again…

I am FINISHED! Dragon on the Green: Stone Dragon Sage Book 3 Is DONE! This book was my NANOWRIMO last year and, after finishing it two weeks late, I was in the process of my second pass at editing and preparing the story for print when I got about a third of the way through the story and….NOTHING! Somewhere around 30-35 THOUSAND words, MY WORDS, were just gone.

I always e-mail myself a copy, my mother a copy, and my dropbox a copy PLUS backing up on a usb port or two…but we could not find a finished copy of the story anywhere at all, even though my other editors had both read the completed manuscript already. So now, almost a full year after its first completion and one hundred words shorter than the original, I have FINISHED the rewrite and first pass at editing. Tomorrow will be a push and, hopefully, I can have this sent to be published by Halloween (I promised some fans the book would be out by the end of October…foolish me!) But HEY! I’m finished!! YAY…oh wait, I finished just in time to start all over again on book 4 for NANOWRIMO! Wooooo…Those dragons had better appreciate how hard I work for them, and how much I love them to go to all this trouble without giving up on telling their story!

The voices are knocking at my inner door (I imagine it as one of those large, wooden castle doors with the little point at top, like you can see in the fairy tale movies!), I must go see if they will let me sleep tonight! Until next time, GO WRITE SOMETHING! Have a Blessed Day!


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