Day One Update

Are you participating in NaNoWrimo or one of its offshoot programs? Leave me a message and tell me about your first day(s)!

Today was my first day of this year’s NaNo and I am JAZZED at my progress. Yes, there were several people who blew past my word count today, but I blew past what I thought I would be able to manage today.

You see, I was ready to give myself all sorts of excuses…I have a 14 month old who refuses to nap, a severe head cold and chronic bronchitis, and we move in two weeks so I have to pack. All of those things are good reasons that I could pull out if need be, if only to assure myself that a few hundred words wasn’t too bad. Instead, I wrote 2,977 words on the fourth book in my Stone Dragon Saga series, packed several boxes, and managed to NOT cough on my daughter while I spent over an hour trying to coax her into a nap. I’m feeling pretty good about this over all…and I am SUPER PROUD of the nano-ers this year, no matter what your word YOU, my friend, are a beast!


I wish you all Good Luck, Good Month, and Good (amounts of) Words. Have a Blessed Time of it!


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