Writing instead of Sleeping

I woke up in the dead of night, just KNOWING what the next chapter of my novel would bring. Reaching beside me, I grabbed my notebook (Yes, I sleep with it nearby!) and yanked the chain to turn on my bedside lamp…whose bulb flickered and promptly darkened. Not one to so easily give up, at least not where my passions are concerned, I snatched up my cell phone and proceeded to write out three + pages by the light of the screen.

Satisfied that I had written what I could for the time being, I fell back into an uneasy sleep, knowing that today would be busy and writing time hard to find…if inspiration would even deign to hit during the light of day!


I know that I cannot be the only one to whom things like this happen so to all of my DayWalkers and Night Writers, my inspired and my inspirations: May your Passions soar to new heights and your mundane day to day chores pass quickly! Be Blessed my Friends and WRIMO ON!

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