NaBloPoMo Prompt: November 5th…where do you write?

Where do you write your blog posts? Well, this question is loaded with vast possibilities isn’t it? I certainly hope that the majority of authors have amazing offices or a beautifully appointed sitting rooms with writing nooks.

I keep hoping that will be the case for me sometimes soon. That a little rearranging, remodeling, or reorganizing could produce that perfect space that I would want to be in all the time. Maybe in the new house. For right now though I write my posts, and my books, anywhere and everywhere. I carry notebooks, colored pens (I rarely write in black or blue…too normal and boring!), and notecards with me like old women carry hard candy.

I am likely to found with my shopping cart parked in the middle of the local grocery store aisles, scribbling down some genius idea, or absentmindedly handing my daughter a snack at the restaurant while I promise that I’m jotting down just this ‘one last sentence’. Or I can be found, mostly, sitting on the couch and utilizing commercial breaks and baby nap times. I don’t write and drive anymore though, that’s what the tape recorder is for!

This particular post was written while laying on my bed, balanced between half packed moving boxes, so it may be that surroundings aren’t as important as some people (myself included) seem to think they are. Still, I think that I’ll go ahead and paint the sitting room in my new living quarters a deep pumpkin spice, orange is a great color for encouraging creativity you know. *hums* ‘in my own little corner, in my own little room….’

Oh who am I kidding? I will probably still just keep going to the park or to the couch, why try to change now?


Here’s hoping you all have comfy chairs and words to spare in your writing rooms! Have a Blessed Day!

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