Tracking Numbers

As the owner and operator of an incredibly tiny, not-really-much-of-anything, online business, I understand the necessity of tracking numbers from the view point of the retailer. When you send an order out, providing the consumer with tracking numbers says, “Hey Look! I have sent your package and it is on the way! You can watch its progress and my behind is completely covered should the product not arrive!”

That’s all well and good, but what about from the consumer’s point of view? I have a package that was shipped to me almost three weeks ago, from Fed Ex. The tracking number provided did not update for a week (server malfunction?) and then it was in Dallas for three days, three hours from my home. It finally shows that my package is here, in town, and should be delivered….THURSDAY. Really? Thursday? A two day wait for a package that is in my town and would take, literally, less than ten minutes to deliver from anywhere in town (unless, of course, there’s a train). So now the tracking number merely panders to my obsessive compulsive behavior, allowing me to ‘track’ the package, whose progress has not updated, three times a minute if need be. I hate tracking numbers.

I am moving at the end of the week and this is a Christmas present for my mother…but sure, go ahead and taunt me with that in your town update. I don’t mind at all, not at all. My face just always looks this crazy!

May this never happen to you! May all of your packages arrive early and intact, and may you have a Blessed shopping season!

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