The Yellow Coat

The Yellow Coat

We have made it halfway through National Young Readers Week! I hope that everyone, young and old alike, are enjoying some new friends and beloved childhood memories as you go through this week together, reading all the way!

If you are looking for a new story to capture your fancy, I would suggest looking up Author Christina Montano’s new children’s book, The Yellow Coat. Based on a family story told to her by her husband, Nielson, and illustrated by her mother-in-law, Ade van Duyn, this book is not only a beautiful tale, but is truly a family affair.

According to Eugene Schwartz, a worldwide educational consultant:

“In this book Christina Montano has captured the essence of loss and transformation that is such a crucial part of childhood. Like a butterfly, the story’s little boy protagonist must experience the falling-away of his early childhood to re-emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The delightful illustrations tell their own story even as the narrative moves forward. Altogether, this is a perfect tale for a child facing the certainty of growth amidst the uncertainties of modern life.”
-Eugene Schwartz, Educational Consultant,

To learn more about this book, as well as the author and her family, please visit:

Or drop by her blog at:

May today, as every day, be full of joy and books (which are really the same thing if you think about it!) I hope that you all have a Blessed Day!

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