A Note for Young Readers

Here is a little note for you from Claire Tworeck, who is currently working with Harper Collins Publishing House on a Children’s Christmas book idea, tentatively set for release winter of 2014. Enjoy, and have a Blessed Day!

Dear Young Readers,

Happy National Young Readers Week!

I wanted to share some of the pretty cool adventures I’ve been on recently. I’ve had the chance to fly on a magic carpet, help rescue a princess who was locked away in a castle, gone scuba diving and I’ve seen the most beautiful and colorful fish, walked in the moon, smelled and tasted the best chocolate cake in the world, met my favorite basketball players and fought an evil knight with a sword, yet I haven’t even left my house. I’ve had all of these wonderful adventures through books. Books are not just pages with words on them, held together by a binding and cover. They are adventures waiting for you. You don’t have to go on these adventures just once either, you can go on them many times as you want to.

So stop what you’re doing and go on an adventure!



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