The Castle

My family has purchased an old Methodist church building for our new home. My daughter calls it the ‘tassle’ (castle) and now thinks that she is a princess (she’s 15 months old and KNOWS how this works!) Among a few small issues like not having a full bathroom when we moved in (there IS a shower now!) and living in a basement apartment that was originally meant to house classrooms (try fitting my parent’s king sized bed into a normal sized children’s Sunday school classroom, I dare you), is the most pressing matter of all…no internet connection as of yet.

I understand that this is not a life or death situation, having lived without many things more important to my welfare than internet in the past. However, for a writer with a blog and a lot of ideas, this is quite the blow to my schedule. Add in having only 1/3 of our vehicles in working condition and you have a dilemma! However, I am crafty and my computer lets me know when there are open wifi waves in the area so, to whoever I am leeching off of at the moment, I thank you! To everyone else, I am now off to paint another wall so, Happy December, Have a Blessed and WARM day!



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