NaNo Sickness…

Now that NaNoWriMo is ‘over’ for another year, I am beginning to find other little notes and ideas that I jotted down but didn’t do anything with because it was, wait for it, NOVEMBER. Here is a little blog I started write about halfway through the month, and then conveniently lost until this morning. Enjoy!


NaNo Sick:


I hate being sick! My head gets all fuzzy and I know that I’m not up to par and by the time I get back to my writing I won’t remember anything that’s supposed to be going on…which might actually be a good thing at this point.  So why then, when I KNOW that I’m either sick or will be within the month, do I continuously do this to myself, year in and year out?

Late nights, interrupted sleep, and added stress, all for what? A virtual badge of honor that doesn’t really do much for you once you’ve got it, and that very few of my friends and family understand the importance of while I’m working towards it.

So then, WHY? So I just like a challenge…yes. Do thrive under pressure…sometimes. Do I get a thrill from pushing myself this way…of course! But I think that the real reason I do this, that we all do this, is prove a point to ourselves. Our characters are real, they  must be or they wouldn’t be driving us to this point of total immersion. If the story isn’t important, if the characters aren’t real to you, and if the voices are silent…then why write at all? No! I do this, I write, I NANO because they are and because those voices are darn LOUD!

Every day, every week, every month of every year, there is a character straining to be brought to the world, a new voice shouting to be heard and it is your words, my words, OUR WORDS that bring them the attention they so desire. Pass the cold meds kid, I’m going in!

May your words flow freely, may the editing be short, and may you have a Blessed day!


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