Are you REAL???

Are you REAL? This is a questions that we do not often think about after ‘growing up’ and going through the requisite SantaClause/EasterBunny/ToothFairy fiasco. After we hit that certain age, usually around the time that we get our first car or go away to college, we begin to simply assume ourselves all knowing.

However, it has recently been brought to my attention that some things are still in question. For example: Are you a REAL cowboy? Are you a REAL Christian?? Are you a REAL fan of…?? I won’t address any of these at the moment because the real question now has to be boiled down to just, “Are YOU a REAL Person??”

When you answer the phone, call customer service, or even talk to someone online, you have to wonder if you are actually speaking to a blood and bones living being, or if a program is responding to signals.

More than that though, the advancing technologies for media have allowed people to pigeonhole themselves into groups they, or their friends, identify with and then change accordingly. So that preppy girl next door, she may not be anymore ‘real’ than your customer service program. “But Elizabeth,” you may ask, “What is your point?? People change all the time!”

The point, my dear friends, is that you and I don’t know it all and there are questions. Questions that, at least in my world, need to be asked, and hopefully answered. Ask your cousin why he feels the need to wear a spiked collar, or talk to the girl in line at the store and find out about the names on her shirt. Don’t let people slip by in the anonymity of their ‘kind’, there is a “Real” person inside that Elvis Impersonator. There may even be a real person in that hipster downstairs!

May you all be lucky enough to find the real bits inside each person you meet, and may you have a Blessed Day!

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