Christmas Love

My mother loves Christmas. The music, the festivities, the baking, the movies, and pretty much everything else. She could, and usually does, watch/listen/sing all the year through…in fact, she could probably be a Who. Then there are some, like myself, who aren’t as interested in this holiday. However you feel about this time of year, most people find something to put a smile on their faces. But I’m not here today to talk about the family gatherings or the cute movies, or the connection my father feels to the Grinch..before he sells out.

No, I’m here to ask you each for a huge favor. I want you to remember, in whatever way you see fit, the people who can’t celebrate. Those who have lost loved ones this week, the soldiers stationed in areas that preclude their families gathering around them, the homeless, and the sick. There are people, possibly people that you often see in your daily rounds, that have problems during the holiday season. So while you are celebrating with family and friends today and for the next week or so, smile and wave at the woman down the street. You may never know how special that small act of kindness is to the recipient.

I hope that your Holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate, is Blessed beyond measure that you never have a reason to stop celebrating. May your day, your week, and your year be Blessed, and may you be a Blessing to those around you. Merry Christmas!

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