It is that time again ladies and gentlemen, the day when many people look around, weigh the pros and cons of their past year, and make decisions on what they will do differently in the next few days…I mean, over the next year. Several of my friends have become disenchanted with this process and have resolved to no longer make a resolution…which in itself is a resolution, if you think about it.

However, others have declared their intentions to lose weight, exercise, write every day (!), etc etc and so forth. My question to us all is this: Does making a resolution just for the sake of making one actually give you the gumption to keep it up?? I think not. For myself, I know that unless I have already pondered, played with, and pontificated for a while over my resolution, I will never get past the first few hours, let alone the entire 365 days that I am supposed to be working towards!

So here is my idea…do not make a New Years’ Resolution just because it is a new year. Make a resolution, the same resolution, each and every day. That way you know that today you are not going to drink two gallons of a caramel colored, carbonated, sweet slice of goodness BECAUSE you decided to watch your sugar today…and tomorrow when you wake up feeling better than you have in months, you will decide all over again that you want to watch your sugar. After a few days (or a few weeks if you are me…) it will become a habit, and habits are more difficult to break than meaningless resolutions made in the heat of the peer pressured moment.

Whether or not you have decided to make a resolution this year, I wish you every happiness and blessing throughout 2014.


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