Science at Home

Today, instead of a book review or a suggestion for something to read, I would like to point your attention to something that is afflicting us here in my home area of Oklahoma, and all over the hemisphere. It is COLD. Now then, there really isn’t much we can do about it so here are a few suggestions as to what we can do to keep from going crazy while stuck indoors.

1)      Bundle up tightly, grab some a bubble wand, and head outside when it is really cold. Blow bubbles. They freeze and look BEAUTIFUL sitting among the dead grasses, ornamental statues, or parked cars.


2)      Check out YouTube,, or many other great websites that have experiments for kids to do at home. (my 16 month old and I have made bubbles and used the food coloring in milk to a raucous chorus of giggles and clapping.)

3)      If you have time to go to the store, or order from an online site, before the next big ‘housebound’ extravaganza, check out book kits such as The Totally Gross Science Lab, by Smart Lab.

I hope that these suggestions have given you an idea or two on how to beat the boredom. Sometimes snuggling under a blanket and reading until the snow melts just isn’t an option!

Stay warm and have a Blessed Day!


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