Reading the Movie

I am currently reading “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak and, I admit, I’m mostly reading it because the previews for the movie caught my eye. That got me thinking though, how many books do we read because of previews? How many times have you been walking through the store and seen a book with that shiny “Now a Motion Picture” cover and thought, “If they made a movie about it, it must be a good read…”?

I was a ‘Potterhead’ before the first Harry Potter movie came to theatres, I read Twilight because I was teaching a class full of teenage girls who were gushing about it (is that, in itself, a preview?), and I’ve been a fan of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings since elementary school (yes, I know, I am a geek). But what about the rest of those books turned movies that I have lined up in my reading nooks? The romantic comedy books…read because I loved the movie. The books on the Greek pantheon’s half-blooded children…read because we took my cousin to the first movie and I was intrigued. The list goes on and on and on….

So what book are you reading right now? Is its movie out yet?

If you have any suggestions on new books, not yet filmed for my viewing pleasure (or displeasure as the case may be…anyone else still irate about the lack of House Elves…) please let me know. I want to do at least one in-depth review a month and would love to find some stories that aren’t plastered across the local marquee signs!

Whatever you read please remember, the book is better if only for the simple fact that your imagination as to be engaged to ‘see’ the story. When your imagination is engaged, everything can become a new story.

May you have a day fueled by imagination and blessing beyond even what you can imagine!


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