The Return of the Mole

Today is Weekly Reader Wednesday. Or at least, today is SUPPOSED to be Weekly Reader Wednesday. I even had two possible posts in mind for the day:

1)      Does life have you down? Is mathematics causing you problems? Are numbers the source of your pain? If so, perhaps you should take a moment or two to dive into the world of Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School by Louis Sachar.




2)      I’ve always enjoyed reading a good book. This month I am dedicating time each day to reading THE Good Book. (Thanks for the line Dad!). At eh moment my church family and I are using the resolutory feel of the new year to propel us through reading all four gospels before the month of January runs its course.


Sadly, neither ‘article’ will come to fruition today. All because I have had to return to my superhero self – The Mole Lady. My super power?? The ability to squint at objects directly in front of my face and not see what they really are. I normally try to keep this identity super-secret and buried in a deep, dark place (the type of place that moles are happiest tunneling through) as the mutant gene that makes me a dark red-head offers plenty of superiority to make me happy. But an ill placed toddler head butt and a centimeter turn too far to the back of the room has broken my glasses and released the MOLE.

I’m told that it is adorable how I quint and lean much too close to an item in order to see what is going on. Of course, I have also been told that the taped glasses are very cute, so maybe I can’t trust those two friends of mine.

Either way, I didn’t feel particularly led to finish writing either one of today’s options and all of this post as basically been a set up to tell you that Reader Wednesday won’t be happening this week. I do, however, need your help.

Is there something you would love to see reviewed here? Or maybe you need some suggestions on reading material for a certain age group or genre?? Perhaps you just have an idea for a blog topic over another subject area that you would like to see me write on.

Whatever it is, LAY IT ON ME!! Leave a comment here or at

Have a Blessed Day and don’t forget to come back tomorrow!


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