What is your purpose?

While catching up on some online episodes of my favorite television shows, I heard a thought inducing question.

“If God has a plan who is it for, me or HIM?” Frank Irving (played by Orlando Jones) on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

This show is an updated, reimagined small screen adaptation of one of my favorite classic shot stories by Washington Irving and has included much legend, myth, and historical fact/lore. It also references the biblical book of Revelations in almost every, if not every, episode.

I won’t be going into any of that at the moment, even though I find it all of great interest and enjoy researching those things. What I will do is ask you a question:

Do YOU (not your mother/father/sister/brother/minister) believe that God has a purpose and plan for you? If so, is that purpose and plan for HIM or for you?

Have a Blessed and purposeful day!


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