Dragon in the Deep

In honor of FINALLY deciding on a title for The Stone Dragon Saga Book 4 (Dragon in the Deep), today’s post is a short excerpt from the piece. May I introduce you to Nickel Janxson, an interesting and sassy new character who will help us in our search:

“I knew I shouldn’t have told them that I have an interest and a background in languages,” Nickel grumbled to herself, “I should have just snapped the pictures and gone on with it. Someone else on this heap probably at least knows how to run a translator program. Old ladies in nursing homes know how to run a translator program for their knitting patterns for goodness sakes.”

Squirming to find a more comfortable position in her specially made deck chair, the ship’s navigator and newly minted translator, propped her feet up on the computer desk’s edge and began her long day of switching back and forth between computer screens.

Deep into a particularly difficult to read, archaic portion of the carvings, Nickel didn’t pay any attention to the grunts and groans coming from her headphones until a muffled squeal like nails on chalkboard began to reverberate through her head.
“What in the…” Nickel almost dropped her laptop and notepad as she swung around to examine the sea bank. Bobbling the translator work comically, she finally succeeded in sliding her desk chair down its train like tracks and come to rest at the final computer screen, the close up. Hitting the communication button as she carefully secured her work in the lock drawer, Nickel asked, “What was that terrible noise?? Flynn, Garron? What are you boys up to down there?”

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