Silly Saturday

Silly Saturday

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday…woo. Seriously, we don’t have cable or satellite and I would probably only watch for the commercials anyway, but I have a lot of friends who will be GLUED to the television and their smart phones. They will be making sarcastic comments and gloating over every little good move their teams make on social media, so that their friends will feel the sting of their one liners.

So today, before all of that yearly good-natured nastiness gets in the way–BE SILLY!

While you cook those snacks, do Random Dancing!

Start a pet bowl with whatever handy toy and animal are lying around near each other in your house (my cat is playing with her tail caught in my daughter’s basket. She LOVES IT)

Imitate animal noises and jump around as a guessing game…(we do that daily around here!)

Most of all, Have FUN! and GO SPORTS ;D

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