Free Friday


I don’t have the official numbers in just yet, but I am willing to go so far as to say that Tyree Tomes gave away over 100 digital downloads this week!  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, there is still time! Dr. Tyree’s weekly give away ends at midnight tonight, and Elizabeth’s Big Birthday Bonanza give away will end on Sunday. Head on over and snag those while you can!



Dr. Tyree will also be giving away digital copies of his book, Buffy and Biff: An Unfortunate Relationship beginning Monday, February 10th and running through Friday, February 14th, in ‘honor’ of Valentine’s Day. Please share with your friends and neighbors, you never know who might need this little helper!

A conversation starter for those who wish to have “the talk” with their teens. This little book, years in the making, is designed to provide the framework upon which such a conversation can be more easily begun. Not a “how to” manuel, but a “why” and “when” guide to the wonders (and possible pitfalls) of sexual emotions.
May you all have a Blessed and wonderful day, and may the words you need find you, where you are!

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