The Mystery of the Missing Moon

This week’s short story jumped around my brain but wouldn’t sit still long enough to turn into anything other than this poem…my first attempt at poetry in a very long time! I hope you enjoy and have a Blessed Day!


The Mystery of the Missing Moon

“Mommy, where’s the moon?” was whispered with quiet fear

If the moon is gone, what else might be here?

“The moon is never gone,” she assured,

Deep down she was worried.

The moon never ran away,

The moon never even hurried.

Where might the silver disc have gone,

When would it return?

No silver light meant they were dark until dawn.

Suddenly they heard the big woman’s voice,

“Little girl, why are all the spoons in your toy box?’

A laugh, a squeal, a forced choice,

A scrape, a pull, a soft clang,

The light suddenly reflected once more,

The ‘moon’ was home again,

And little Marty Mouse was tucked in safe under the counter.



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