Pirate Ships


The Stone Dragon Saga Book 4: Dragons in the Deep will include some pirates and ships within the main crux of the story. (And probably require me to re-watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a few times…how sad Gort vs Pirates: What's better Pirates Of The Caribbean or Serenity  )


Since I’ve been informed that reading up on salvaging and then watching Johnny Depp sashay around the screen for hours on end does not, in fact, constitute real research, I’ve been poking around the internet today and discovered something that I had somehow forgotten in all of the commercialization of the ‘classic pirate’…pirate ships were COOL!

The beauty and eerie of the shipwrecks, the sleek lines of the replicas and scale models, and even the gorgeous strokes of the pen and ink or pencil drawings; they all show me a world full of possibilities. Sure, a lot of those possibilities wound up being crueler than Barbosa, uglier than One Eyed Willy’s skeleton, and full of the pox or scurvy…but the BOATS…the boats were gorgeous. Below are some links to other blogs or sites that I have found to contain great information or, more than likely, pretty pictures! I hope that you enjoy them and have a Blessed day!

“Take what you can, Give Nothing  Back!”








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