Random Acts of Kindness


I have been told that today is (or maybe last week was)  national Random Acts of Kindness Day. I like that. I like knowing that there are people, really on an every day type of basis, that do things quietly in the background to help others out.

There is someone who goes to the store, buys packs of diapers, and leaves little plastic bags complete with different diaper sizes, wipes, and sometimes diaper rash creams in the restrooms for those frazzled moms who don’t have one last diaper on hand.

There is someone who pays for the next person in line to have a meal, or a coffee.

There is my little girl, who smiles and waves and everyone, young and old, stranger or not, and makes their days brighter.

Will you be a blessing for someone today?

I hope that you are everyday, I pray that I am everyday, and either way, I wish you a Blessed Day!

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