Chapter Three


“I feel like we’ve already been in the air for hours,” Anna complained, fretfully searching through her bags for something to occupy her mind.


“I know what you mean,” Jane pointed to an already sleeping Joseph as their small Oklahoma town faded below them, “We’ve only been in the air for ten minutes and he’s already snoring. How does he do that??”


“You should be used to this flight by now!” Al shook his head at his roommates, “Honestly, you’ve both done this a few times now, and you know how long it takes! Now, what movie should we watch this time? I vote for something scary.”


“You know you actually want to watch Clueless,” Jane joked, “Why don’t you put in a super hero movie?”


(That suggestion started an argument on which super hero was the best, which lasted for hours and led to a movie marathon that would carry over into their time at the estate, but that discussion is best left for a time when all involved have a day or two to wile away.)

In longer than they would have liked, but much sooner than they had anticipated and fretted over, the artist’s plane taxied to a stop on their British runway, its inhabitants falling over each other in the rush to deplane and hug Nicholas and Polly, who had come to pick up the group. All except Joseph, that is, who had to be pounced awake by the ever growing, and ever sneaky, Alexiann (who had almost doubled in size since her awakening two years before.).

With the help of the airport crew, all fairies who had defected from Passiona and been hired by Sir Brandon for just such a sensitive occasion, the baggage was quickly unloaded, maneuvered, and reloaded into the Whimsical Art van.


Giving a friendly wave to last retreating fairies, Anna slid the van door closed and clicked her seatbelt into place. “Wow! I knew that Uncle Brandon had said that a lot of Passiona’s ‘outer ranks’ had defected, but I had no idea there actually so many. When he said a lot, for some reason I thought there might be ten, at the most. There were what, thirty fairies in that airport?”


“Yeah,” Polly smiled into the rearview mirror at her friends, “Most of them are like Broyli; fairies who were born and raised here with no real connection to the queen. When they saw how quickly things got bad, they just packed up and left. A lot of them were already going to colleges or working out in our world anyway, so they found it easy to just keep melting into the background.”


“How did they wind up here then?” Jane asked, leaning forward between the two front seats in an attempt to sate her curiosity that much more quickly.


“We had heard that there was a ‘fairy rebel’ group going on at some local colleges,” Nicholas supplied, “So Broyli sent a few feelers and once word got around that Sir Livingstone was in need of stand-up fairy folk to run operations for him, the applications started to pour in. The house, the new airport, and the art studio all have fairies staffing them now.  I didn’t even know that there were that many fairies in this world, let alone in this PART of the world!”


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