I can’t be certain when it happened. Perhaps in utero or perhaps before. Whatever and/or whenever doesn’t really matter now though. From my first memories, I have always been interested in stories and those who tell them. According to my parents, I was born telling stories and just never stopped. Now, in my late twenties and with a toddler of my own, I smile at the stories of my early tales and gladly pass on the knowledge of words. She seems to have a knack for tale telling herself!

I inherited my love of words from a book-a-holic mother and a ministerial father. My father and I share a facebook page and an encompassing identity of being the authors and overseers of Tyree Tomes. All for the love a good story.

In some ancient cultures, the story tellers were considered high up in the societal standings. Some travelled from town to town sharing news and trifles with villagers. Some even passed their profession down through the generations like we have, like some pass down being carpenters or school teachers (which, incidentally, we also do!). However, being an orator, or story teller, has always been a somewhat solitary practice. You must live inside yourself and the characters you create, that precludes much interaction from the outside.

However, with today’s technologies, we have created blogs, forums, communities, and social media pages to share our works, converse, and tell stories to one another. All of our tastes are different, our writing styles range the poles, but we pass on the profession, just like each generation before us did. The travelling is a lot easier now a-days though.



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