A Tale of Two Musicians

“That’s not how it goes!!”

“Yes, IT IS!”

“That’s not how it’s written!”

“Well that’s how it GOES!”

“But that’s NOT how it’s WRITTEN!!”

“Have you ever HEARD the song?”

“NO! But I can read music and THAT wasn’t written!”

“I KNOW! I improvised because that is HOW IT GOES!”

“Where does it say to improve? I don’t see that note anywhere!”

“There didn’t have to be a note!”


Hearing the couple fighting (how could they not!) the two men coming into the practice area paused in mutual silence, hidden on the staircase. Motioning with his head to re-ascend quickly, the lead man followed his friend back up to the main floor.

“Does that happen often?”

“All the time,” Bill rolled his eyes, “My kid sister really knows her stuff but MAN is she ever bossy!!”


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