St. Patrick’s Reading

We celebrate several things during the month of March, but my favorite spring celebration (that doesn’t involve my Lord dying for my sins) is that of St. Patrick’s Day! The wearing o’ the green, the shamrock shakes, the dances, the music (I play the flute and the doodley music, as Dad calls it, makes me happy), all of these things put me in a great mood. So this week leading up to St. Patty’s Day, as you prepare for the weekend pub crawls or the school party, take a little time to crank up the Irish Folk Music/Celtic Music (check out, or Pandora’s Celtic music station if you don’t have a stack of discs handy). While you’re at it, and you’ve got the appropriate music cranked in the background, why don’t you round up a few Irish authors and lose yourself in the green green grass of home (er…Ireland).

William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Jonathon Swift, Patrick Cavanaugh, C.S. Lewis, and Elizabeth Bowen are all wonderful picks…to name just a few.

If you prefer to merely read about an Irish family try almost any of Nora Roberts’s books or Claire Cook’s Must Love Dogs (which, incidentally, includes a shout out to William Butler Yeats).

If you have a favorite Irish story or author, please comment and let me know! I always relish in finding new books or reading authors I haven’t tried out yet and I LOVE to hear from my readers!

Have a blessed, and safe, day!

(Picture via MyPartyPlanner)

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