Welcome to Camp!



I know that some of you are now glancing around cautiously and wondering, “What is she on about? It is only April 1st—we have barely even hit Spring! And look at her…even if she were young enough to attend a camp, it wouldn’t be for at least two months!

Displaying CAM03353.jpg

An actual picture of me enjoying a friendly game of volleyball at Camp Crossfire…an undetermined amount of years ago.

Normally you would be correct, other than thinking that I don’t look young enough for camp (I could still be a counselor…). However, this year I am participating in my first ever Camp NaNoWrimo!! http://campnanowrimo.org

I have been a happy, and usually also frustrated, participant of National Novel Writing Month for five years now, so I am incredibly excited to see what the camp is all about! I have virtual cabin mates to meet, daily goals to decide on and to achieve, and a laid back writing retreat atmosphere to enjoy.

Displaying CAM03354.jpg

Today’s camp look. The Only difference is the lack of volleyball…

Today’s goals? Write a couple of chapters and finish up the character notecards. I think I may take a hike later and spend some time writing in a clearing or on a cliff…I could hop over and snuggle into a nice cottage in Ireland. It IS a virtual camp after all!

Would anyone care to join me?

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