Spring has sprung in my little corner of the world. All up and down our block people are building beds, mixing soil, and otherwise preparing for the new plantings that are soon to arrive.

Daffodils are blooming, the crape myrtle and random unknown purple bush we planted last week are perking up nicely; we may even have to mow soon.

planting bed

Dad’s birthday Crape Myrtle and the unknown purple bush..with a little native grass thrown in for fun

All in all, our surroundings are well on their way to once again becoming a little slice of paradise in an otherwise dusty town, and really, isn’t that all what we all search for? A little oasis in the desert of life to satiate and relax before heading back into the grind.

For many this is not only a mere return to life, but also a renewal of inspirations. As new sprouts and births surround us, our minds open again to accept sudden ideas. While we plan, expand, and grow our gardens, so do the authors among us water and watch their words; preferably on a comfortable waterside bench, surrounded by happy baby animals, bright blooms, and a salty breeze. And, like gardeners, they watch their crop grow day by day, anxiously awaiting the time when all of their planning and hard work will yield fruit (or vegetable, or flower). It may a personal garden, it may be a family garden, it may even be a universal garden…but they tend each plant as carefully as the next.

So tell me friend, How does YOUR garden grow?





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