Bizarre Easter

In the DC Comic Universe there resides a planet by the name of Htrae (Earth backwards) and is full of bizarrely acting versions of superheroes. So, in honor of the day (Easter) and that wonderfully odd backwards world, here is this week’s short story:

Bizarre Easter:

It’s exactly the one I wanted!” Esther Egret clapped her wings and hopped excitedly around her sandy home on the cove. “Look, you even got her the adorable little dress I picked out last time we were in town!! Thank you Mommy!”

“Only the best for my baby bird,” Mrs. Egret smiled indulgently as Esther began to snuggle and poke at her struggling pet. “Be careful dear, we don’t want to have to throw this one out like the one last year. I’m sure you’re old enough now to be responsible.”

But her warnings fell to empty air, Esther had already winged off to find her friends, Cynthia Chicken and Reginald Rabbit, who lived a few blocks in land.

Both friends had also received a new Easter pet that morning and the trio happily settled down to play.

“Mom says I have to take mine for walks and feed it and stuff,” Reggie announced, “But he doesn’t hop right and he gets tangled up in his harness and leash so Dad’s going to train him for me first.”

“Why don’t you do what I do? I just let mine go loose,” Cynthia confided, “I got her these great heeled shoes that makes running hard. My Dad says I’m supposed to take her out every few hours and after every meal; AND I have to give her fresh water all the time, but she’s so cute I don’t think I’ll really mind it.”

“I know! But when we go to school our parents will have to watch them, then we just have to play with them when we want to.” Esther squealed, “I can’t believe we all got what we picked out! Did you know that Alex Heron just got some candy fish?”

“Loser!” They crowed laughingly. “Just wait until he sees our new humans!”

The friends sat talking and laughing, letting their new pets play almost unaccompanied until time for dinner.

“See you later,” Esther called, catching up her human as she took off for home. “BEST EASTER EVER!”


Remember, Humans are not pets! Please let your humans go to live the life they deserve! 😉


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