Last Month

Today marks the final day of April 2014’sCamp NaNoWriMo, next week marks finals for the local college, and in just another 3 weeks or so the seniors graduate and begin their ‘last summer’ before college. For today’s edition of “what are you reading Wednesday” I wanted to take a moment to discuss the books that we associate with this time of year.

Usually if we’re thinking of ‘ending’ books, we come up with apocalyptic stories, self-help or informational books dealing with death or divorce, or final segments in a series. All of these are great pieces of someone’s life, however there are many books that have been written or commandeered in order to provide insight, motivation, or just plain joy during these often emotionally trying weeks. These are sometimes also known as ‘new beginnings’ books:

  1. Oh! The Places You’ll Go – Dr. Seuss

    1. I was given a copy of this book upon my high school graduation and another (by a different relative) when I completed my college degree. A fun loving, interesting, and of course, rhythmically whimsical book meant to encourage its readers, Oh! The Places You’ll Go is a wonderful example of an ‘endings’ book.

  2. Halley’s Bible Handbook – Henry H. Halley

    1. My church home, as well as a few others that I’ve heard of, gave these books to every high school graduate when I was finishing up my high school career. This book is meant to aid its readers on a journey through the Bible and my church family handed it out in an attempt to keep their students in the Word while in the World.

  3. Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving OnSandra Boynton

    1. This book is a colorful, fun, and motivating story for graduates, or anyone staring down a change. I often read my copy to my toddler, who enjoys the pictures and silly sounds her mommy makes. It serves as a reminder the great things are yet to come, for us all.



These are just three of the books that are habitually given to students as they move into the next phases of their lives. I have also seen devotional books, how-to survive books, what you need to know about…books, and, my personal favorite, handbooks for the towns in which students will be living.

Is there a book or traditional present that your family or home area hands out to those moving ‘up’? Do you have a suggestion for what might help and inspire students as they move into summer? I would love to hear about them!

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