privilege and Problems of Public Prayer, Conclusion

The final installment of Dr. Tyree’s Prayer Posts. Find his new book, Essays on Christian Worship, on Amazon and available for FREE on the kindle/e-reader download list.


Heman, the Ezrahite (one of the musicians who wrote arrangements for Temple worship) speaks of crying out day and night to the Lord God of his Salvation.  He, too, is seeking mercy.  The overwhelming desire to seek the face of the Lord seems often to be tied to the dire circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Of course, a true man or woman of prayer does not seek God only in times of pain and despair.

     One of our favorite heroes of the Old Testament showed his willingness to be persecuted rather than give up his time of communion with the Lord.  In Daniel, Chapter 6, we are treated to the signature story of Daniel’s ministry.  Every little child, fortunate enough to be taught the Bible, is enamored with Daniel’s escape – unharmed – from the lion’s den.  Though the misguided king made a decree that no one should…

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