What are You Reading Wednesday May 7th

I keep telling myself that I will take the time to just sit down and READ every day. It’s a little difficult to find the time with a toddler running around but I could do it during naps instead of one chapter before I go to sleep. I’m still working on the same books I’ve been reading for weeks for goodness sakes!

On top of the three books I’m working through right now, I have to add the Common Core State Standards to the list of my reading materials. As excited as I am to have my own classroom and to find out what exactly that classroom will entail (They haven’t told me grade level or subject matter yet), I am not incredibly stoked to learn a new set of standards. But I have all summer to do that.

What about you? Do you have a stack of reading material waiting on you or are you waiting on the right book to read? Are any of you having to learn new standards for your vocations?

If you’re looking for a good book to read, I would like to suggest that you look at my father’s, Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s, author page. He rotates e-book giveaways and this week is a brand new book, Essays on Christian Worship. If you need something a little different, my author page currently offers the first three novels in my Young Adult series The Stone Dragon Saga, starting with Dragon on My Neck. The second book in the series, Dragon in My Yard, will be available for free download beginning on Friday (May 9th) and ending Sunday evening (May 11th).


6 thoughts on “What are You Reading Wednesday May 7th

    • Thank you! Since I’m still waiting to find out what I’m teaching and even what school I’ll be in, I’m just looking at an overview. No book review of common core for us 😉

      Good luck with your books…that’s what I really need to be working on but I find that since Camp NaNo last month I’m kind of dry on the novel front…don’t know how to proceed. SO I’ll do some short ones I think.

      • Something like Camp NaNo can be draining from what I’m told. A lot of pressure there. Maybe you only need to write for fun and do spontaneous stories. I do that when I feel creatively clogged. Grab a word or idea and run with it for a short story or flash fiction.

      • I do that every week regardless of Camp or NaNo or whatever it is that I’m working on. I write at least one short a week and my blog gets covered with those pieces inspired from a word or two! I find I have author ADHD 😀
        Thank you for the suggestion though.

      • I probably would be! It just seems like common writing sense to me…but then again, I never seem to think that actual common habits are pertinent so perhaps I’m not so normal 😀

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