Monday Pep

It is overcast and damp here in the little town of nowheresville, with the castle ground just the right amount of squishy and the air just the right temperature for either a t-shirt or light long-sleeves. After the heat of last week, this washing and cooling of our home has given me new purpose. The week is begun, the work to be done is waiting, and I have a new list of goals (that looks rather a lot like last week’s list).

  2. I WILL crochet the five animals I promised those students!
  3. I WILL prepare a book review for tomorrow (and blogs for all week)
  4. I will learn to work this confounded universal remote
  5. I WILL Read
  6. At some point I will probably do laundry
  7. I WILL prepare a short story for Sunday
  8. I WILL take a nap
  9. I WILL Plant things…peppery things

Don’t judge me but…Loki is my favorite! Thanks to BegitalLarcos for this wonderful meme! 😉

That’s right friends, I am burdened with a glorious purpose! Ink pens, paper, and a not-too-firm mattress are the keys to my success. But what about you? Are you suffering from writer’s block or reader’s remorse (halfway through and you just can’t make yourself sit down to read)? Can you not find your art? Whatever it is keeping you down this Monday, brush it off! YOU are in charge and YOU set your goals (and your boss of course, but that is an entirely different list!). Change your perspective, change your location, take a break and play on the swings…whatever you need to do to clear the fuzz a great weekend brings. Then…write a list!

What are YOUR goals for this week? How did you decide on them? How do you plan on achieving them? Let me know, I love to hear from you!!

As always, I wish you a blessed and inspiring week!


5 thoughts on “Monday Pep

  1. My goal is to finish or get close to finishing my new novella idea. So far, so good. Though writing fairy tales is a lot trickier than playing in a fantasy world of my own design. Love how your 4th and 6th goals come off almost like whispers.

      • Thanks. I think I’ve gone masochistic on this project. Past tense, fairy tales, first person pov, and journal entries. All things I have never really done before.

      • I often do most of those…first person pov is incredibly difficult for me but I like to push myself in those directions because so few do (or at least, so few do it well). Those are horribly trying to work with…but when done well they become some of the most loved and enduring of stories.

        I’m tired just thinking about it 😀

      • My books are 3rd Person Multiple POV in present tense. Not even sure how that style came about, but it’s my comfort zone. Doesn’t make me many friends though. Good idea to push yourself though. It’s fun to do and really proves your ability.

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