Sniff, Snort, Selfie

She sniffed, snorted really; a reflex one tends to gain when you have colds and allergies at least one week per month—and that’s at the very least. This time, though, her cough and reflexive snort did something to her that she had never before experienced…they caused excruciating pain.

For some reason when she snorted the area between her temples reacted as though they wired together and being pulled on, or perhaps as an empty juice box with someone still sucking on the straw. She doubled over in pain, crying out helplessly to the deserted picnic tables around her. She wondered if this was what it felt like to have an aneurism. If maybe this were how she would die; a random head squeeze side effect from typical allergy stuffiness. Then, absurdly, she began to wonder if maybe her head now looked like an image from a fun house mirror, like she was now of one kind with weird kid on Goonies.

But death passed her by, her head resumed its usual shape, and the girl straightened, breathlessly asking the first passerby she saw, “How’s my hair?” Receiving a befuddled smile and thumbs up in return, she quickly snapped a selfie to commemorate the event. Captioned with ‘weird allergy side effects today totally made my head look funny, lol haha’ the picture soon plastered itself across four social networking sites and untold numbers of newsfeeds, eliciting responses of ‘u look gr8’, ‘b-u-tiful’, and ‘<3’ from her buddies long before she made it out of work for the day.


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