Do you —Review?



Have you ever found a book or movie that just made you so excited that you HAD to tell someone?? Or maybe it was so poorly written or full of drivel that you wanted to stop your loved ones from wasting their time?? Have you ever posted on a social media site how ‘totes excited <3’ you are to start a new book, or to have purchased a new book/cd/movie etc.? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! If you haven’t ever found something entertaining that got you worked up then you need to stop taking the pick axe to the rocks and go troll the store for a while!

But here’s the thing…the real point to this post: How often do you take the next step and write a review on the piece? How often have you gone to, found the book you just finished, scrolled down to ‘write a customer review’ and actually WRITTEN A CUSTOMER REVIEW? For most of us the answer to that question is either ‘never’ or ‘not often.’

As a consumer I can completely understand this lack of completing the circle. We have things to do, after all, that do not include trolling internet stores and rating items. I usually finish a book somewhere around the 2 am mark and write a review for the blog in the next day or two. Occasionally I will remember to go post a link, but not usually. Usually I just bop along, and then I wonder why I’ve sold a few books, given away dozens, and still only have 3 book reviews TOTAL on Amazon, 2 from the same guy.

As an author, I am saddened, dismayed, paranoid, and frustrated by the lack of feedback.

So how do we fix this stagnation? How can we as consumers help those we consume? Why don’t we all start by writing a review of something today? It doesn’t have to be long and involved, it can just as easily be short and sweet: I like this book. Good flow, good story, 5 stars. Etc.

Your turn! Go tell a blogger what you like, or dislike, about their work. Have a favorite blogger who published something that you’ve read? Go review that book and link back to the blog you love so much. Have a favorite book from your childhood? A Movie you adore? An artist you hate? Go make you voice heard, constructively please, and help the people who entertain you. We certainly need it.



5 thoughts on “Do you —Review?

  1. Cindi says:

    I have done several reviews on Amazon. I can’t bring myself to do a negative review, especially if I know the person or have read a lot of their work and they have a dud. I don’t remember if I did a review on your book or not. It would have been a good one!! I read a lot of reviews so I guess I need to do my part too.

    • Mrs. Cindi – As far as I know two of the reviews were written by a teacher from Quanah who specifically requested the books as soon as they were reviewable. The other review was by a man I don’t know.

      I would love to have you review my work and I completely expect anyone who does a review to do so honestly and without qualm. I can take it 😀

  2. Lately, I almost always leave a review of books I have just finished. I usually review on Goodreads, and sometimes review them on Amazon, as well, especially if I got it from Amazon. I’m not hesitant to leave a negative review, but realize that sometimes, I’m not the target audience, which I will readily admit as I’m writing the review. Just like everyone, I have my favorite genres, but have been known to read just about anything.

    • I’m glad that there are people who won’t hesitate to leave negative reviews when called for…as long as they aren’t nasty mean ones!! 😉
      I had not thought to check for reviews on Goodreads so thank you for that. Maybe someone has said something there about my books.

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