I wasn’t here earlier in the day to post my normal ‘free flow’ writing post for Thursday, and this isn’t it (don’t get excited).

Ok, maybe get a little excited because I only popped on here to joyously shout to the world…or all 195 people who admit to reading my blog anyway…that I am no longer a trade piece between principals! That’s right dearies, I have officially been assigned! I went today to see my principal (a very nice and laid back man who is apparently the epitome of absent minded – I like him), and he showed me my classroom. OH, Ah, my classroom…When I was hired on I began to imagine my room, probably a tiny little thing with windows so we could pretend to have breathing room as my students slaved away at…whatever I was going to be teaching. But no, it was not to be! My room is FABULOUS and large and I have carte blanche to decorate as I will…including painting murals on the walls and ceiling tiles, painting the windows, and bringing in my own desk if I want to. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.


As I was basking in the reveal of my very own room and all the delightful plans I have for it, Principal B gave me even BETTER news (how can you top a huge classroom?? Drum Roll Please…) He gave me my subject assignment. Since we’re going to subject specific classes, my fifth grade teaching experience will be chiseled down to two areas, Social Studies and (dududuDUUUHHH) WRITING! Whaaat?!?!?!!!! I did manage to refrain from doing the happy dance in front of anyone, other than my poor toddler. She’s seen it before and now that I’m working I can probably afford the therapy she’ll need.


And now, I’m off to troll Pinterest for more classroom ideas. WootWoot!


Have a Blessed Weeks end everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Job – REVEALED

    • I know that at least one corner will have a tree trunk painted on it with a 3-d paper and painting melding going on for the branches…it will be decorated for the different times of year and can have visiting stuffed animals hiding out for writing inspirations.

      There will also be waves along one wall for descriptive writing exercises – I’ll have students look at a group of animals with one thing in common (color, tentacles, size, etc) and have them journal about those animals, describing them but not telling what they are.

      There will also be encouraging words, writing quotes, etc. I haven’t even started thinking about the ceiling yet

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