Tuesday Tattler

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of a Comedy of Errors! I’ll be your host, the grumpy goof, as we meander and annoy our way through the day.

Ok, so it really hasn’t been that bad and would probably have been a great morning if I had gotten some sleep last night. My 21 month old spent 3 hours in the ER Sunday afternoon (she’s fine, just a little infection that caused a super high fever) and she’s been very touchy, cranky, and in pain. Add 3 middle school students and 2 high school students staying with us this week for Singing School and I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m tired, my mother is the maid/chef for the 9 people staying here and 25 eating suppers here so she’s exhausted, and we’re just a couple of confused and ditzy people today.

This morning I told a girl to ‘get up off me’ and ‘don’t touch me’ when she jumped into a hug. I got on to them for interrupting a conversation..I was mean. Fast forward to Singing School morning class…Dad’s phone goes off and he can’t hush it, (our “principal” got to get on to him so that was funny) Mom needed the car. We get to Wal Mart and Mom is so tired that she gets confused and keeps trying to check out before we have everything. Come home, the dog has torn through the trash can and strewn chewed up paper plates across the floor.

It isn’t even lunch time here yet and I am ready for it to be tomorrow!

How is your day going?


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