What Are You Reading Wednesday

I have a bit of a confession to make…I’m not reading much of anything right now. Ok, I am reading, but they’re either my own works or my text book and various other pieces of density that I need to get ready for the fall…and I don’t like to count those!

Since I’m a little dry on the fiction front at the moment, I would like to live vicariously through you. What are YOU reading this week??? How are you enjoying this book? I can’t wait to find out 😀

6 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Wednesday

  1. I’m easing back into a reading mode as I finish my current project. So I’m working my way through Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt’s Peril. It’s the 9th of a series and I’m liking it. It does seem a bit slower than the earlier ones, but I think a lot of series hit that because the characters are pretty well established.

      • Honestly, it slowed down a bit in Book 7. My wife finished the series and loved it, so it’s probably just me. It might be part of the problem I’ve been having with reading lately. The author side of my brain won’t stop analyzing, so I’m reading slower.

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