Online Mingling?

It could just be me. I mean, I don’t actually have a paid membership for the site but the free promises me interaction with good quality men who can message me, smile at me, im me, etc. You would think that just ONE GUY matching my criteria would show up and think I deserved a little smile. But no, I get more interaction with my blogosphere friends than anyone on the online dating sites…Maybe I’m too smart (mouthed) for them?

Oh well, I certainly don’t need another needy man in my life; my characters are using up all of my sensitivity and coddling right now! While I haven’t done much on the Tyree Tomes front this week (I’m still working on the decorative part of setting up a classroom) I have written a little bit. More importantly, I have decided to rework some old stories (three that aren’t even close to completion) and still, of course, work on Dragon 4. Oh, and I know of at least one more book I want to write (A NON FICTION! *GASP*)

Dad has his hands full with writing a commentary on the book of James. If you haven’t stopped by his kindle collection lately, you should. He usually has a book free at some point each week.

We all know that I need to get back to work if I want to take a break to write later tonight (or at all this weekend), so I’m off to color and cut some more. Do you have big plans??

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