Princess Power Nap and the Crib Creeper

As you read this please do me the favor of keeping two things in mind:

1) I just finished this first draft so I know that it takes a bit longer than a children’s story should. Any suggestions are appreciated (though may not be taken!)

2) I want to turn this in to a picture book type of story but don’t usually write for that age group!


Thank you and please enjoy Princess Power Nap and The Crib Creeper


Aithne is your typical toddler; early to rise, late to sleep, and energetic all the day through. She loves to play and slide at the park and no matter where she goes, Aithne takes Silly the Clown doll and Bongo the monkey with her. Even though she is a smart and lovable little girl, no one ever suspects the truth about the sweet little ball of fire. The truth is Aithne is Princess Power Nap, the most powerful force for good in all of Babydom!


“Aithne, time to lay down,” The Queen…known to the world as Mommy, won’t hear of letting her play just one more time. “One more turns into ten more and it’s bedtime before you ever get a nap!”

Waving bye bye to her scattered playthings, Aithne gives in easily and runs to settle onto Mommy’s lap, she had read the signal in Bongo’s face and knew it was time for work. These things have to be timed carefully though, because no one can know who Princess Power Nap is, not even the woman in charge.

As soon as the door clicks behind Mommy, Aithne’s dream self leaps up and whips on her purple and green cape. A formidable opponent in her tiara and tights, Princess Power Nap is ready to face down whatever bad guys are bombarding Babydom. With Silly, the clown doll who never blinks, to keep an eye out for nightmares, and Bongo, the big eyed buffoon, ready to pounce on perps, Princess Power Nap marches through the doors of the Crib Castle and flies off to locate this new disturber of dreams.

The problem, however, is not out in the land of Babydom, but right there hidden in the corner of her very own castle…the Crib Creeper! (bum bum BAAA).

Rubbing his hands together sinisterly, the Creeper begins to tip toe around Princess Power Nap’s high class high rise of a castle, admiring the dark wood paneling and cute artwork on the walls. Everywhere he touched, things began to ooze, melting together or changing size and shape. Pictures of favorite book characters begin to melt into multi-hued puddles on the plushly carpeted floor, pony statues begin to twist and kick until they no longer resemble themselves, no one’s shadow is doing its job, and still the Crib Creeper continues to do his. You see, the Creeper is hides in a child’s half-sleep, causing them to see those things that, in the light of day, aren’t really there. Delighting in destroying her home base, The Crib Creeper is so engrossed in his work that it is too late to run when Princess Power Nap lands in front of him, Bongo creeping up to shout his sonic buffoon boom and knock the Creeper back onto a partially melted bean bag chair. Princess Power Nap quickly tied the melted strands of a doll’s hair around the mischief maker to hold him in place.

“Well, well,” She giggled, “It looks like we have a visitor. Sorry the room is such a mess.”

“I love messes,” Creeper sneered, “I love to make them into your worst nightmares!”

“Not today Creeper,” Silly leaned over and stared him down with her unblinking eyes, “I’m watching you and we’re on to your game! Time to clean up!”

Using her dream enhanced Princess Powers, Princess Power Nap snaps her fingers and presents the Crib Creeper with broom and dustpan “Mr. Creeper, around here, we clean up our messes. No one’s Mom picks up in Babydom!”

“I’m not going to pick up my wonderful mess!” Creeper shouts, snarling menacingly at the trio, “You can’t make me!”

“Oh yes I can!” Princess Power Nap flicks her wrist and the bonds around Creeper tighten and turn until he is standing upright, the broom jumping to nestle against his palms. Another wave of her fingers and The Crib Creeper’s arms begin to swing back and forth, tidying up the mess he had made.

With every twitch of the broom’s bristles, Creeper fades a little. He now looks like the outline on an unused coloring page. “We might not have to even cage this one!” Bongo whispers excitedly to the Princess. As soon as his words hit the air, an alarm begins to rock the crib.

“Princess Hurry! Your mom is on her way here!” Silly squeals, twirling her ponytail to create a tightly woven cage for Creeper keeping. “You must return now!”

One last hurried flick throws Crib Creeper into the cage before Princess Power Nap grabs her friends and flies out of the crib’s lid, her tiara falling to the floor moments before the cape gently wafts onto the couch.  The Creeper had just enough power left to throw a ball after his nemesis as she flies home to the waking world.


Naptime’s Over!

“It’s been incredibly quiet today,” Mommy muses, wondering down the hallway. “Maybe I should check on Aithne and make sure everything is ok.”

Nudging her daughter’s door open, Mommy hears a *THUMP* and giggles before nudging open the door as Aithne groans and says in her little girl pitch, “Mommy, I stuck!”

Crib Creeper had managed to hit knock her over into the crib bars, her little legs hang dangling on the outside of the bed. But Mommy knows what to do, they don’t crown you the Queen for nothing after all! Quicker than you can say ramalamadingdong Aithne Grace and all of her friends are freed from the bars and set loose to roam the halls…keeping both worlds safe for everyone!


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