What Are You Reading Wednesday

Happy Mid-week all! Each week I like to use this cross section of time to discuss our current reads. The only problem is that, this week at least, I am wading in to the text books and paperwork that I have to organize into lesson plans for next semester. Oklahoma History, Types and Forms of Writing, Interesting ways to make Book Reviews seem Fun, and all of those pesky skills the state decreed that my students have to know. I won’t bore you with the details…it’s a lot! Those of you who teach or have taught know what I’m talking about here…craziness.

I am getting a lot finished up and ready for the classroom, which you may have inferred from my extreme lack of time spent on here. I even had the time (or took the time) to paint an old dining chair yesterday; it has now become the Inspiration Station! I plan on a few more chairs with various painted pithiness (such as a ‘chill chair’ painted to look like stacks of ice where kids go to sit if they are mad or frustrated so that they can cool off).

Displaying CAM03838.jpg

The ‘before’ shot

Displaying CAM03842.jpg

AFTER! (The top part that you can barely see says ‘Inspiration Station’)





So there’s my non-reading Wednesday. Hopefully the rest of you are caught up on your work reads and able to fully enjoy a recreational read, or two.

What are those recreational reads? Are they good so far? If you finished last week’s read, how do you feel about it now? Did the ending disappoint or justify?







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