I’m sitting here watching the Discovery Channel’s Mermaids: The Body Found and the follow up of New Evidence Found. Now, I want to lay my cards on the table right from the start of this one: I believe in Mermaids. I don’t know if they are still out there, hiding in the depths and migrating with whales like this show is asserting, but I believe that at some point in the history of this vast and ever-changing planet that God created for us there were mermaids. I will also defend to my death the belief that dragons and unicorns existed at some point in our history. Fairies, leprechauns, giants, even magic…I believe that something of those is true as well. Do you know why? Because there are accounts of these beings from across the world in times that were early enough to preclude vast amounts of exchange between peoples.

That being said, I am finding a lot of this ‘evidence’ to be highly suspect…and a lot of it makes total sense. Deep sea fishing mermaids (spear heads found in animals have been documented for hundreds of years. Perhaps they aren’t all human made??), a few videos that are fairly believable, etc. What does it for me is the singing, though; mermaids and whales with similar patterns but different pitches and vowel movement in the song. This seems legit.

Mermaids singing with, and migrating with, whales. Whales would provide protection from their Orca kin and other predators, for smaller creatures who theoretically have newly birthed/young offspring with them. If these aren’t mermaids (and I am not certain that these are true mermaids) then they are almost certainly a new (or newly discovered) species that has several traits which could be mistaken for ‘aquatic humanoids.’

I know that several of you will read this and think I’ve gone looney tunes. I am ok with that, I know I’m a little off the rocker (I believe most authors are, if you want the truth) but I am also a skeptic at heart so my take on the matter is that we shouldn’t force the issue, we shouldn’t search them, if they exist and want to contact us then let it happen. Right now it would seem as if mermaids either don’t exist in today’s reality, or are in deep hiding. But hear this, there are many areas of the deep sea that haven’t been fully explored yet and new species of creatures (both aquatic and otherwise) are being discovered each year. Two new species of whale have been discovered in the last decade or so, so it seems completely plausible that something like this could be hiding. Whether a true mermaid, a throwback to the ancient dinosaur type ages, or a new merger of manatee and seal (my manatees!), these creatures are causing a big uproar. We are fearfully and wonderfully made…and so is everyone and everything else! God does what He wants to do and I don’t get a real vote here.

For now I will leave my total belief to the stories and legends of the people before me, and the Disney version of The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Anderson’s version is incredibly depressing). I will write of them when I begin to hear the voice of a mermaid character, and that is all I will admit to at the moment!!

How do you feel about these types of programs? Do you believe in Mermaids? BigFoot? The MothMan? I look forward to hearing your opinions! Have a blessed and mysterious day. 😀


8 thoughts on “Mermaids

  1. I saw part of that show and the Mermaids were a little scary looking. Though I guess they would be rather vicious and bestial. Maybe even angry with what we do to the oceans. In regards to magic once being part of our world, there are a lot of stories that revolve around the concept of us losing such power for one reason or another. Many times it denotes that the world is dying and the revival of magic is the only thing that can save it. Be nice if that’s the current situation. All we need to find is the plug and pull it.

    • I thought that they looked a lot like the mermaids in Harry Potter…which I always thought were probably more accurate that our beautiful adaptations of them.

      As for magic, a large amount of what would have been considered magic in previous generations can be shown as science. Advancements made by someone looking for magic would automatically become magic to them. Actual ‘magic’ as we write about…well I believe it to be possible yet not probable. Maybe if we find Bigfoot and Ariel the next popular run on reality will be a search for that. (I know there are a few smaller shows on networks not readily available.)

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